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Are you ready to unleash your teams leadership potential and inspire your organizations to new heights? Our Leadership Development Program is meticulously designed to mould visionary leaders for tomorrow’s challenges.

Are you ready to unleash your teams leadership potential and inspire your organizations to new heights? Our Leadership Development Program is meticulously designed to mould visionary leaders for tomorrow’s challenges.


Participants in our Corporate Workshops


6000 Certified Professionals


Organizations Impacted

Program Highlights

Group 79


Learn from seasoned leaders and industry experts.

Group 80


Engage in real-world scenarios and simulations.

Group 81


Connect with a diverse group of aspiring leaders.


Blend of online and offline modules for convenience.

Why Choose Our Program

Empowering Leadership Cultures

Witness the transformation of your organizational culture as team leaders apply cutting-edge leadership strategies, fostering a more dynamic, innovative, and adaptive work environment.

Adopting Global Best Practices

Equip your leaders with globally-relevant leadership skills, enabling them to navigate and thrive in an increasingly interconnected business world.

Building Cohesive Leadership Teams

Strengthen your leadership team’s cohesion and collaborative skills, essential for achieving your organization’s strategic goals.

Post-Program Consultation and Guidance

Benefit from ongoing support and advice from our experts, ensuring sustained organizational growth and leadership excellence.

Our Clients

We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions across public sector, private sector
and local and national governments. These are just some of the people we’re proud to work with:

We create Kirkpatrick L3 results using

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Ripples Proprietary Learning Effectiveness Tool



Learning or Change Intervention

E.g. Training sessions, Team- building Workshops, Goal Setting Meetings, Feeback or Coaching Sessions.


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Turn Ideas into

Make learning complete by
transforming taught ideas into action. Introduce social elements to encourage shared learning.


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Measure Learning Effectiveness

Get comprehensive statistics, graphs and intuitive reports. Reward active learners, offer an interactive support mechanism.


Optimize Training Strategy or Spend

See what’s working, what’s not. Tweak, play, change. Make informed and data-driven decisions.

Clients Testimonial

Join the ranks of our empowered and compliant clientele.


It was good to see participants put their learnings/experience into words, application of their learnings. It gave us an insight about how it had touched every participant in his professional and personal life and more importantly the success of the program. We have been able to use resultslab with a higher degree of confidence in our successive training modules. Ever since identifying training programs was on my agenda, I was always concerned about gauging the effectiveness of the training modules. My question got answered with introduction of resultslab. I do recommend resultslab.


Senior Manager HR, Interra Systems

Amicorp engaged Ripples between April and June 2017 to deliver a key development initiative for our staff in Bangalore. One of the key outcomes we expected was quicker problem-solving through enhanced communication across all levels. The performance-consulting and training-design approach of Ripples stood out for us when we engaged with them. All consultants involved in this training-engagement made a genuine effort to gain an understanding of Amicorp’s business as well as the skills that needed to be developed to bridge some gaps in performance that we wanted to eradicate.


Senior Manager, Training and Development, Amicorp

I love that it provides me with the ability to keep my learners engaged and connected to the learning even when they are out of the classroom. Additionally it is a great tool for both learners to track their progress and for Learning and Development to identify areas requiring further interventions. I would totally recommend it. It provides learning managers/consultants with actual quantifiable data to help strengthen the learning effectiveness measurement process.


Learning and Development, Altisource

I would strongly recommend Resultslab to all programs that are interested in sustaining learning retention and measuring learning effectiveness among training-attendees. The tool removes the leakage of time and energy Training departments and supervisors have to invest in following-up with individuals’ learning efforts. In fact, this tool takes care of the need of capturing the learning in such a fashion that the supervisors/trainers can focus on higher value addition to the learners.


Vice President, Human Resources, Freudenberg India

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