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L&D today

The fast-paced changes in the business world over the last two decades have made learning and development indispensable to organizations. There has been exponential growth in the south-east Asian corporations both in terms of the numbers of people and in the nature of work. This has lead to large-scale hiring, which in turn, brought in challenges of quality of workforce and productivity. More people also meant diversity in personality types, cultures, mindsets, preferences and many other aspects. The opportunities for employees increased and to be able to use these opportunities people needed to upgrade their skills and competence.

The last few years have also seen recessions in specific industries and geographies. Organisations were compelled to take difficult decisions like upskilling, reskilling, downsizing, enforcing paycuts etc. Employees became more keen on developing their skills and attitude through time management training, certificate courses and behavioural training.

In all of these situations, corporate training companies have had a pivotal role to play. Developing people for internal growth opportunities is just one of the many responsibilities an L&D expert has, the others include, cultural alignment, understanding of statutory compliances, awareness of internal processes and systems, aligning people and skills to organisational goals and other organisationaldevelopment related activities.

Ripples Learning – The chosen learning partner

Ripples Learning is a chosen learning partner for several corporations in both the private and public sector in India and several countries abroad(Bhutan, Singapore, Dubai, Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran are some of the countries we are delivering learning solutions in).We provide comprehensive learning solutions, off-the-shelf programs, public programs and consulting solutions.

We have gone the extra mile to understand the similarities and differences between various industries and geographies, thereby bringing in unique and highly engaging training methodologies that break the monotony and accelerate the growth process. Our leadership development program is highly acclaimed internationally.

Our approach and philosophy

Ripples Learning works with clients through a collaborative diagnostic process to create customized soft skills training solutions that meet the exact learning needs. The various steps of the process are as follows:

DISCOVERY: The discovery phase consists of several steps to help Ripples’ consultants understandtheorganization, its culture, the nature of work, the hierarchy, history, pulse and core values of the organization. Several rounds of discussions and diagnostic tools are used to arrive at inferences. As a next step, the learning needs of the learner group are identified using a competency-based approach. Ripples Learning has its own proprietory competency framework which is used for clients that have not yet done a competency mapping activity for their organization.

DESIGN: Learning interventions are designed in a very scientific way to suit the exact learning outcome, target audience, geography and industry.Instructional design techniques are used to design the programs, thus ensuring high levels of receptivity and interest. For every learning objective, Ripples has multiple options of concepts, techniques and methodology itself to suit the industry and the learning group.

DELIVERY: The training delivery phase (used synonymously with learning intervention delivery)is marked with unique delivery styles of highly experienced facilitators, some of which invoke thought, increase insight, encourage application and raise the energy levels of participants. All our learning interventions are delivered on adult learning principles and using cutting edge learning technologies like NLP, Accelerated Learning, Radiant Thinking, and Creative Learning techniques. All facilitators of Ripples Learning have international exposure and have conducted learning interventions in various geographies across the globe. Our sales and marketing courses are a splendid example of how our facilitators bring out the best in participants.

EFFECTIVENESS & RIPPLING: Ripples Learning follows the Kirkpatrick methodology of measuring training effectiveness. There is a Level 1 guarantee to all clients which means the acceptance and liking of the program by participants is assured. Kirkpatrick Level 2 evaluation is also conducted for all programs through either tests or self-assessment by participants. Kirkpatrick Level 3 assessments areavailable for most programs though a proprietary tool called ResultsLab.Participants are able to implement and report the distinctions they have made in their workplace and life. This commitment to action is also reported and captured for clients in the ‘Training Impact Report’. The language, actions and demeanour of the participants give out a sustained signal of change leading to cultural alignment of the organisation.Exhaustive reports can be generated to assess relative application of learning objectives by different participants.

PERSONALIZED COACHING: We realize that while Learning Delivery happens in a group setting, participants face individual challenges while putting ideas into action. Our unique services like ‘Ask the Coach’ and ‘Facilitator Call-back’ empowers individuals to create sustainable changes.

Ripples Competency Framework

We have a highly evolved backend that has been created and is constantly updated to include latest trends and changes in the business world. This backend consists of a robust competency matrix, which has eight competency headers and 31 competency areas. This competency matrix transcends boundaries of industry and scale. Each of the competency areas has several indicators of strength at three levels, beginner, experienced and expert. These indicators are used to arrive at learning objectives. These learning objectives form the basis of all learning interventions.

Indicators of strength for competency area – Interpersonal Communication

A glimpse

Competency areaLevelCompetency Indicators
Interpersonal communicationBeginnerCleary articulates ideas in meetings and presentations
Interpersonal communicationBeginnerMaintains healthy relationships through trust
Interpersonal communicationBeginnerDemostrates empathy and understanding with others
Interpersonal communicationBeginnerCommunicates clearly verbal messages to others
Interpersonal communicationBeginnerListens and checks understanding
Interpersonal communicationBeginnerAsks relevant questions to seek additional information
Interpersonal communicationBeginnerUses a variety of communication mediums to communicate with others
Interpersonal communicationBeginnerGets a message across to chosen audience with clarity and understanding
Interpersonal communicationIntermediateCan make good presentations to clients and small groups
Interpersonal communicationIntermediateActively chooses a communication style to suit a situation
Interpersonal communicationIntermediateFacilitates discussions to encourage positive contribution of ideas
Interpersonal communicationIntermediateCoaches others for transfer of knowledge as well as new ideas
Interpersonal communicationIntermediateListens for feedback and modifies behaviour
Interpersonal communicationIntermediatePersuades others to see own point of view effectively
Interpersonal communicationIntermediateAdapts own style and approach to a situation
Interpersonal communicationAdvancedEffectively negotiates while preserving relationships to ensure organization's needs are met
Interpersonal communicationAdvancedShows tact, sensitivity and is able to effectively communicate difficult messages
Interpersonal communicationAdvancedCreates a positive and powerful network of individual relationships

Broad glimpse of solutions offered by Ripples learning:

Our learning academies are based in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, India. We provide facilitator driven learning interventions in 11 cities in India. We also deliver programs in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • L&D Solutions: We use our proprietary competency framework to create and deliver training programs on behavioural competencies. Our popular programs include First Time Leaders, Business Communication, Emotional Management, Behavioural Interviewing, Personal Effectiveness etc. (
  • Certification Programs in HR and L&D: We offer certification programs in HR (Certified Human Resource Management Professional) and L&D (Certified Learning and Development Professional) through our training centres in three cities in Indian and also Singapore and KL. (
  • Cloud Solution for L&D effectiveness: Our innovative online solution Resultslab, helps organizations optimize their training strategy and spend. It ensures transfer of learning to the workplace and measure real impact of training and other change interventions (like coaching or feedback sessions). (
  • LIVE E-Learning: We cater to organizations and individuals in smaller cities in India and other part of the world through our L.I.V.E (Live Interactive Virtual Education) sessions. All our programs are available through virtual classrooms conducted by certified facilitators.
  • Outbound Experiential Learning: We offer exciting and adventurous experiential learning interventions that include trekking, water sports, yoga, games and other outdoor activities. These programmes are conducted in beautiful and rustic locations to enhance the experience.