Ripples Research

Ripples Research is the research initiative by Ripples Learning Services to create new knowledge and breakthrough solutions.

The modus-operandi of Ripples Research is to undertake high quality, original and neutral research. In collaboration with bright researchers, Ripples Research is committed to explore, explain and learn.

Ripples Reserach undertakes Causal, Descriptive or Relational research by performing carefully run experiments. Ripples Research Studio also aims at creating installations, performances and educational programmes to engender an exciting and fresh view of human beings and human nature.

Ripples Research also uses technology to develops tools to help human beings positively improve the quality of their life and learning.

Two applications developed by Ripples Research are

ResultsLab: A breakthrough solution to help organizations transform training into change and measure it.

R-CAT (Ripples Competency Analysis Tool): An innovative competency assessment tool that takes a three-factor approach to analyzing an individuals competency level.

We welcome opportunities for collaboration if you would like to be a part of our exciting research projects. We have seen that individuals or academic institutions are most excited by the prospect of joint research with Ripples Research.

E-mail us at rr[at]