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Professionals’ ponderings…

Are you talented and brilliant and yet struggling to get noticed?

Are you sidelined for promotions as the loud mouths that take credit for all your work?

Do your clients, bosses and colleagues complain about your lack of clarity in speech?

 Company questions…

We select people with good English skills, why do my clients complain about communication?

What do I hire for – technical skills or communication skills?

How do I check for good communication skills?

Be it an individual or an organisation, communication skills has always been a subject of discussion and debate. Are people born with communication skills or are they developed over time is a question that is often asked. The training world strictly believes that communication skills can be taught and developed, however, languages skills are likely to take more time and practice.

What is communication skills?

Corporate environments are characterised by large numbers of people who have to constantly interact and exchanges ideas to be able to derive the required output. These people hail from and are located in various geographies of the world, therefore they are culturally and linguistically very different. The way people think, express and interpret depends on various factors ranging from socio-economic background, age, nature of work and personality type to name a few.

Some people speak fast and some slowly, some use phrases and idioms to decorate their speech, many don’t, some people use sense of humour to bring home a point while some others don’t even get it… Despite the language of communication being the same the differences in styles leads to confusion in interpretation and comprehension.

So by communication skills, we mean many more ingredients than mere language. Following is a table that differentiates the common misconceptions from actual communication training

Communication training is

Communication training is not
Strategies to be used for delivering different messagesLanguage skills, grammar and sentence structuring
Tools and techniques for effective communicationScripts
Choosing the right mediumSwitching over to one medium
Ways to adapt to different people and stylesAvoiding the bad communicators

For individual contributors and leaders alike

For salesmen or politicians only

When there is misunderstanding and confusion in communication, it leads to rework, repetition and eventually loss of trust.

The mantra is ‘Get it right the first time’ and for this it is important to make communication effective. Therefore is imperative that companies invest in a good communication training program for the employees.

Ripples learning has a team of communication experts who have understood communication at various levels through research and experience. Most of the members of the Ripples Communication training division have headed the corporate communication teams and coached senior management executives on communication.

Ripples Learning’s communication training programs are available in several formats with varied intensity, duration and is created for learning objectives specified or derived from study.

Ripples Learning also creates and delivers interview skills training to help recruiters meet the exact standards of communication skills required by the organisation.

If you are a technical wizard who needs to be discovered, join Ripples communication training. If your employees need to improve communication to get the desired CSATs, write to us and we will be happy to create an intervention that is tailor made for your needs.

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Ripples’ communication training programs – For those who want to be heard, noticed and productive!