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Ripples Learning provides comprehensive competency development and personal development titles which focus on inspiring real change. We partner with organizations to co-create customized solutions. We’ve helped some of India’s leading organizations solve complex issues, achieve measurable results, and develop capacity to improve productivity and performance.

As thought leaders in the learning space, we create lasting behavior change that has a measurable impact.

We believe in asking questions that others won’t, can’t or don’t.

We put our strengths to avoiding the easy and focusing on the hard problems in the domain – the ones that really matter.

We believe that focusing on the hard problems in learning and development allows us to deliver solutions which are uniquely valuable and difficult to duplicate.

Some questions we have spent time asking ourselves in painful detail are:

What is it that makes training really effective?
What would ensure post-training effectiveness?
What kind of support would the learner need to make the learning really successful and relevant?
What would make the learning not successful and how can we prevent it?
How can we overreach and outstretch ourselves to help create change?
How can we make our offering risk-free for the clients?

This unrelenting focus on “what really works” has allowed us to create unique service offering which leverage our capabilities into providing real solutions.

We are proud to present – ResultsLab – Where training meets Results.