About Us

about us

Our logo stands for transformation.

Our identity has been articulated to represent not only our values, but also diverse and comprehensive solutions that we provide. The first bubble like shape that ripples outwards from “Ripples” shows a change that has occurred. The change is fresh still. It does not have a definite shape. It is slightly gray. Things have changed, but not taken shape yet.

The next stage is the second balloon like shape. This shape speaks of confidence and optimism. It is orange in color. Orange is the color of Action and Optimism, Freshness and Youth. Something new has happened. Things are not the same anymore. The underconfident gray has given way to a beaming Orange. But the change is still not complete.

The last stage of development is the Sphere. The sphere is red in color. It represents the sun, the epitome of perfection, excellence that we strive to create through Ripples. The colour red signifies Dynamism, Auspiciousness. It is Life Giving and demands Alertness, Attention and signifies personal power. The sphere has infinite number of sides, representing the infinite potential that exists within.