Competency Development Titles

Ripples Learning Cycle

Ripples Training Workshops are designed and delivered by the Ripples Learning Cycle. RLC ensures programs are conducted in a positive, encouraging and inspiring environment. The attitude promoted in the workshops is that of curiosity, self-discovery and personal expansion. Information is presented powerfully in a multi-sensory manner and personal choice is created at the level of being. Participants are given an opportunity to demonstrate this new understanding in the workshop itself. Further reflection ensures learning is embedded in the participant’s mind.



Here are a few significant features of how Ripples develops competency-based training programs.

  • Ripples uses its proprietary Competency Framework and Competency Dictionary to define and deliver behavioural skills
  • Ripples uses the ADDIE approach (Analysis Design Development Implementation Evaluation) to understand requirements, design solutions, deliver training programs and evaluate effectiveness
  • Ripples conducts programs adhering to the Kolb’s Learning Cycle which includes: Abstract Conceptualization àActive Experimentation à Concrete Experience à Reflective Observation
  • Ripples measures effectiveness of its training interventions using the Kirkpatrick Model. We offer a money back guarantee for Level 1 at 75%. We also measure effectiveness at Kirkpatrick Level 2 for every program.
  • ResultsLab is a proprietary cloud-based platform developed by Ripples to help participants take concrete action as a result of the learning and document it.
  • Ripples uses its proprietary cloud-based system ‘Resultslab’ to helps organizations measure the effectiveness of learning interventions at the third level of Kirkpatrick’s Model of training evaluation (change in behaviour)
  • Resultslab helps participants to engage in Reflective Observation and enables Active Experimentation from the Kolb’s Model of Experiential Learning

Competency Framework Design


The 8 Competency Headers are represented in our proprietary Competency Wheel



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