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Bangalore is one of the fastest growing tier one cities in India with presence of diverse industries and large multinational corporations, people from all over the world and tremendous opportunities for the skilled. Bangalore due to its weather, culture and availability of skilled human resource is the first choice for investors and entrepreneurs. The high growth rate is not just in terms of numbers but also in terms of expertise, quality of work and levels of accountability. Therefore there is increasing demand for exposure and experience beyond years to be able to grab the opportunities this fast growth pace offers.

It is not feasible for organisations experiencing fast growth in terms of scale, diversification or quality of work, to wait for employees to learn from trial and error. It is imperative that people get it right the first time to meet stringent deadlines which are agreed upon to obtain business in highly competitive markets. Training therefore plays a huge role is collecting industry knowledge and experiencing and translating them into learning for the employees. Corporate training in Bangalore is a very important part of the Organisation Development strategy as most companies are in their growth phase right now.

Corporate Training Companies in Bangalore

There are several corporate training companies in Bangalore that provide technical and behavioural training to different companies.

Some organisations have a lean Learning and Development team which takes care of regular requirements and reach out to corporate training companies in Bangalore for unique requirements that require special set of competencies.

Some other organisations outsource most of their learning needs to corporate training companies in Bangalore. Thus there is huge demand for corporate training in Bangalore.

Ripples learning is a renowned organisation in the Learning and HR solutions space, which offers corporate training in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India. Ripples Learning offerings include programs for every level of the organisation, right from individual contributors all the way up to executives of the senior management team.

Learning Partner’ solution

Ripples learning offers a ‘Learning Partner’ solution through which every single step of the Learning process including conducting learning needs analysis, chalking out the strategy, creating interventions, delivering programs and measuring effectiveness is handle by Ripples’ associates. Organisation do not have to hire high-cost resources and struggle with being able to utilize them, instead they can benefit from highly experienced resources and still pay for only what they need.

Training programs in Ripples Learning

Training programs by Ripples Learning include

  • enlightening concepts,
  • invigorating discussions,
  • experiential activities,
  • strategy games,
  • personalized coaching,
  • action learning projects and a lot more.

Facilitators at Ripples Learning are industry stalwarts who have held senior management and leadership roles at various large organisations in the private and public sectors.

Ripples’ Corporate Training

Ripples’ corporate training focuses on competency based development instead of merely putting together a bunch of popular concepts that can attract the attention and have a wow effect of people. Ripples Competency framework, with its extensive indicators of strength in each competency, forms the basis of all programs.

Ripples learning’s corporate training programs are created using diverse delivery methodologies. Some of the methodologies used are:

  1. Instructor Lead classroom programs
  2. Outbound experiential learning programs
  3. Gamification
  4. Scenarios and simulation based training
  5. Discovery based learning
  6. Provocation based learning
  7. Yoga based learning
  8. Pep Talk Learning

Pioneer in Corporate Training in Bangalore

Ripples Learning is a pioneer in corporate training in Bangalore. For more than a decade Ripples Learning has trained and certified quality professionals who are accredited by their organisations for their contribution and dynamism.  Ripples Learning is the chosen learning partner for several multinationals in the engineering, IT, ITES, manufacturing, semiconductors, logistics and PSU space. Ripples Learning offers corporate training in Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and other tier 2 cities in India. Ripples has its presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Bhutan also.

For more information about the courses, content and schedules:

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