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Ripples Learning – Advanced soft skills training in Bangalore

The education system in many countries lays a lot of importance to academics and examination scores. Students are so focused on exam preparations that they often fail to recognise the importance of behavioural skills that employers look for in candidates.  Having the right balance of soft skills and technical skills is what makes a candidate go from average to ideal.  Be it time-management and team skills for better productivity, or communication skills and presentation skills for showcasing technical know-how well, soft skills is what it takes to bring out the technical skills in a professional.

If you want to come across as a confident and perfect candidate for the job, then you must take up a good soft skills training in Bangalore that is most suited to you.

Ripples Learning offers a suite of soft skills training in Bangalore to corporates, manufacturing units, PSUs, schools and colleges across the country.   The modules have been carefully designed to suit the changing business needs and the changing learning styles of adult learners. Innovative methodologies like gamification, simulation and adventure based outbound learning are some of the unique styles used to bring in a great learning experience that leads into application.

Leadership Development Program (LDP) and managerial effectiveness programs are the top of the league programs that are coupled with personalised coaching and action learning projects that help leaders apply the learning immediately. What makes Ripples a leader in soft skills training is that it has worked with more than 200 organisations in the private and public sector, has more than 6000 certified professionals, and has organised soft skills workshops for more than 20,000 participants.

Many candidates haven’t had the opportunity to invest in certifications and higher studies but these candidates have given importance to developing skills like leaderships, teamwork, communication, problem solving and a host of other skills. They are able to exhibit their potential in an interview, convince clients and superiors, and often get the role or promotion they are aiming for. Talent without soft skills is like an artist without a stage.

Make yourself an undeniable asset by learning soft skills that will make you stand out in any organisation.

Enrol in Ripples soft skills training today!