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Job market in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana and its economy is based on traditional manufacturing, the knowledge sector and tourism. During the 1950s and 1960s, most of the Indian premier public enterprises—BHEL, NMDC, HMT, BEL, IDPL, ECIL, DRDO and HAL—were established in Hyderabad, thus making the job market in Hyderabad more of a public sector market. Since the early 1990s, the economic patterns have changed to include a lot more diversification. Even today, however, Hyderabad and its suburbs house the highest number of special economic zones.

Despite the influence of traditional industries Hyderabad has proven to be a very strong contender for all the new age industries like IT/ITES, retail and other service sectors’ space. Hyderabad has a fairly good employment rate and most of its students passing out each year get placed in the city of Hyderabad itself.

Professionals from other cities of the country also like moving to Hyderabad because of the incredible food, the pace of the city, warm people and exciting opportunities.

People of Hyderabad are friendly and multilingual but also shy and less vocal than their counterparts in the northern parts of the country.

The city has seen tremendous growth in multinational companies in the last decade or so, increasing the opportunities for people and corporations several times over. Organisations feel the need to invest in good corporate training in Hyderabad to help employees size up to the demands of international business and work environments.

Corporate Training Companies in Hyderabad

 There are several companies that provide corporate training in Hyderabad and Ripples Learning is one of the most sought after companies in the corporate training space.

Ripples Learning specializes in corporate training in Hyderabad with a wide range of learning interventions that are specifically designed to suit the industry demands of the city. Ripples Learning has designed several off beat, innovative programs for the IT/ITES, manufacturing, construction, semiconductor, logistics, hospitality, financial, PSUs and education sectors.

The facilitators who conduct corporate training in Hyderabad are very experienced, and are acclaimed for making the programs extremely interactive and engaging.

Ripples Corporate Solution:

Ripples Learning has gone the extra mile to understand the similarities and differences between various industries and geographies, thereby bringing in unique and highly engaging training methodologies that break the monotony and accelerate the growth process. Following are some of the corporate solutions provided by Ripples in addition to corporate training at all levels:

  • Competency development solutions
  • Personal development programmes
  • Managing entire learning cycles
  • Leadership development
  • Personalized coaching
  • Sales excellence
  • Certification programs for HR, Sales and L&D professionals

In addition to Hyderabad, Ripples Learning also provides corporate training in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and several tier 2 cities in India. Ripples Learning has its presence in Bhutan, Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East as well.

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