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India has been in focus in the business world for last two decades and has seen tremendous growth in the both public and private sector investments from across the globe, particularly the west. India has been the chosen location for multinational companies’ expansion plans. India boasts of skilled English speaking human resources, good infrastructure and a great work culture. Therefore, there has been an increase in not just scale but also in the quality of work.

Role of Training and Development Departments

As organisations grow, there is an increased need for first level and mid level managers, who need to have competencies and experience beyond their years. Training and Development plays a critical role in bringing individual growth, up to speed with an organisation’s expectations. Before two decades training departments merely concentrated on technical skills and process skills; but with the advent of globalization and fast growing multinational companies with opportunities and challenges like never before, behavioural training and leadership development started gaining more and more importance.

Leadership Development Is A Big Investment of Organisations

Organisations now invest in a good campus to corporate programs right at the beginning along with their induction program to acquaint people with the soft skills required for the job. High potential employees are groomed to take on higher roles. Leadership development is a big investment organisations make to identify, train, coach and assess leaders in the organisation.

Having made huge investments in training, organisations now are faced with the big task of evaluating training effectiveness. There is not much of a problem conducting a training evaluation for a technical skills program conducted; all we need to do is administer a test with relevant questions and answers will reveal proficiency the subject. With technical skills, if we know it we can do it. So this method of assessing the effectiveness is completely sensible. However, with behavioural skills, knowing is not necessarily equal to doing. Behavioural skills require practice and habit formation to become natural behaviours of the learner. Hence a mere test will not serve the purpose.

Kirkpatrick Model

Kirkpatrick model is one of the best known and widely used models in the corporate world for evaluating training effectiveness. It divides the training evaluation process into four different stages:

  1. Did learners enjoy and like the training process?
  2. Did learners understand what was delivered?
  3. Are learners putting their learning in practise?
  4. Is the change in learners bringing in desired results in the organisation?

Most organisations and corporate training companies use ‘Feedback Forms’ to assess stage one of the four stages. A good feedback means that the ambience, topics, trainer styles, duration and methodology were appreciated by the learner group. For level two, facilitators use pre and post training tests to assess understanding of topics discussed. However when it comes to level three of the Kirkpatrick model, most organisations have to rely heavily on the manager observations, which can be insufficient as managers have large teams and huge responsibilities and are unable to give the personalized attention needed by the learner during habit formation stage.

Learning and HR Solutions Company

Ripples Learning is a renowned Learning and HR solutions company which has provided learning solutions to innumerable clients in India, Malaysia, UAE, Bhutan, Turkey, Singapore and Afghanistan. Ripples Learning has trained and groomed thousands of professionals across the globe to be better professionals, leaders, HR professionals and trainers. Ripples Learning also offers train the trainer course for Learning and Development professionals.

To address the challenge of evaluating training effectiveness at the behaviour change level, Ripples has created a proprietary tool called ResultsLab. This tool can be accessed through a computer or as an app on the phone. The entire learner group, facilitator and managers stay connected through this tool and learning output is measured in a systematic manner. Using the tool is as easy as using Facebook and the reports it generates can give insightful information on learners, learning objectives, hurdles in implementation and of course, behavioural change achieved.

Using ResultsLab has enabled many clients of Ripples Learning justify training costs, improve training strategies and streamline efforts for improvement.

Use ResultsLab today to be sure that your training budgets are achieving their goals and to provide concrete evidence of learning to the senior management.

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