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Have you struggled with indecisiveness while taking interviews?

Have you often wondered about the effectiveness of your selection and hiring process/team?

Are unfit hires taking a toll on your business goals?

An interview skills training might just be the solution.

Human Resource is the biggest asset of any organisation and fitment of people hired is the starting point for the achievement of business goals. Hiring and firing leads to increased hiring costs, tarnished reputation, low morale and high attrition amongst those employees that we would like to retain.

Preliminary Organisational Level Steps

Getting the right people into the organization involves several steps including preliminary organisational level steps like Job Analysis, Competency Mapping and setting recruitment strategy. However, even in the absence of a well-defined HR practices environment, the recruitment team needs to get their hiring right by understanding the requirement, identifying the competencies and conducting effective interviews.

For most positions, the technical competencies are evaluated by a technical person or a leader from the frontline business. These technical experts and leaders need to be oriented to the process of conducting interviews so that they do not fall trap to pitfalls like gut feeling based decision making and external factors based selection.

Interview Skills Training Program

Therefore all organisations and HR consultants must invest in interview skills training program for the recruitment team members and for all the leaders who would be a part of interview panels.

A good interview skills training program will help the interviewer see the problem with unclear requirements, vague questions and generalized responses and prepare them for resolving these very hurdles to effective hiring.

One of the best interview skills training program in India is offered by Ripples Learning. Behavioural Event Interviewing (BEI) is one of Ripples’ flagship programs that is offered at various levels and has a certification option too.

Ripples’ Interview Skill Training Program – Behavioural Event Interviewing (BEI)

The Ripples’ interview skill training program – BEI helps participants understand the importance of observable behaviour and past behaviour based questions. The program also helps interviewers play unbiased roles as listeners by asking questions from various angles, not taking sides and by playing the devil’s advocate at times. The program also helps the participants understand competencies, indicators and develop questions around those indicators.

This program also includes the soft skills training required to better conduct interviews. Some of the soft skills include, rapport building, managing time, dealing with tangents and documenting responses.

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