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Our philosophy is rooted in an optimistic world-view which inspires us to better our surroundings and make a positive difference in lives of those whom we touch. We passionately believe that human beings have unlimited potential and new, applied ideas and simple tools can significantly improve the quality of our life.

We believe we are uniquely gifted to make a difference in the world we experience. Be it the world of an individual, an organization or a community.

Learning is our weapon. Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes are the tools of our trade.

In our experience, we have found these to be true
Learner Experience is more important than training design

While the puritans might disagree, we prioritize the pulsating, evolving, dynamic learner experience over a perfectly structured Training Design. While we spend enough time, effort and money creating extraordinary design – we do not obsess with it. We strongly believe that defining our programs/products from the learner’s perspective helps us engage him/her and gives us valuable leverage to make a positive difference. This user-focus over product-focus helps us keep the programs light, enjoyable and helps us add value. It has won us loyal customers and inspired participants.

Excellent is just not good enough

We strive not to be excellent, but extraordinary. We would hate to deliver a “good” learning solution, we would rather deliver an extraordinary one. This focus on awesomeness and extraordinaryness keeps us motivated to continuously better ourselves. We believe we are the only learning company that offers a full money-back guarantee in the case of a client not being completely satisfied – no questions asked. Not surprisingly, this has never happened.

We do what is right

In the intensely competitive market, running a business – it is appealing to take short-cuts and deliver quality that is acceptable; if not great. We choose long term gains of winning trust and gaining loyalty over choosing to make a quick buck – everyday. We are a force for good in the world and we treasure our association with our employees, customers, vendors, users, agents and other stakeholders. We do not impart learning on topics which are not ecologically beneficial to all. We do not teach techniques which would promote manipulation.

We are not teachers, we are sharers
We are defined by our passion for learning. It’s our identity. We do no profess to be experts or specialists – to continuously remind ourselves that we are still learning, still growing and enjoying it all. This mindset helps us ignite the same passion in our clients and participants. Learning never happens if you meet a Mr. Know-It-All. It does happen when you meet someone who is extremely excited and passionate about an idea and really wants to share it – well. That describes us.

Competence over Experience

We firmly believe that awesomeness and extraordinaryness do not come with experience. It is what one does with the experience that counts. Like someone said “Do you have ten years of experience or one year of experience repeated ten times.” A hunger for learning, introspection, willingness to fail, being creative are the ingredients that build us.