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Certification in Corporate Social Responsibility is a Program for Professionals engaged in the domain of CSR in the corporate sector. It can also be pursued by individuals aspiring to either enter or transition to the domain of the CSR within their Organizations.  The program is a two days workshop with the following outcomes:

  1. The participants will learn nuances under the CSR Act including the sections and subsections
  2. The participants will have a better understanding about the dos and don’ts of the act.
  3. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the CSR framework consisting of Directors, Foreign Holding Company, Independent Directors, Profit Calculation etc
  4. They will also have an in-depth knowledge of CSR activities that can be implemented under Schedule VII of section 135
  5. The participants will learn how to create CSR policy and CSR Report for their organizations
  6. The participants will be able to analyze, implement, monitor and evaluate a project undertaken under CSR activity.
  7. The participants will also be introduced to the process of Due Diligence required while selecting the implementing agencies.
  8. They will also be able to analyze and evaluate the impact of their CSR activity taken by their organization.

The key learning objectives have been outlined as:

  • Exact calculation of the CSR amount from overall profit
  • Analyze and choose  the cause for implementation
  • Create the strategy and the Plans for implementation
  • Conduct Due Diligence for the selection of Implementing agency
  • Identify the Beneficiaries and Stakeholders  and their roles
  • Create & Implement the required policies to support CSR Activity
  • Measure the Progress of the Project & Its Impact on the beneficiary

The first day of the workshop will exclusively be devoted towards the multidimensional aspects of CSR Management.  On the second day each participants will have to choose the likely project which he/she would like to implement in his company/organization. And they will learn and practice to prepare and present the action and implementation plan for CSR activities.

The details of the program with respect to costing has been mentioned in the annexure 1, while program plan is mentioned in.

The next date of the program is 3rd and 4th August 2018 in Bangalore, India. 

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