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Chennai is a natural port and one the busiest business centres in India. The city has very good infrastructure and laws conducive to setting up and running business houses. Chennai has presence of almost all industries including traditional ones like manufacturing, automobiles, oil and gas, engineering and pharma while being a preferred destination for new-age industries like IT, ITES, retail and other services. Education is considered a prerequisite for survival, growth and success almost everywhere in India but the south obsesses with education. The available workforce in Chennai is highly educated, driven and hardworking.

Chennai has a quaint charm about it making it a cultural city despite its metropolitan status. The local cinema, religious festivals, customs, traditions, food and languages are very popular, making Chennai a city with a very unique flavour. People are shy and less vocal than people up north. The work culture therefore is different and so are the developmental needs of professionals.

Companies situated in Chennai invest heavily in grooming their educated industrious workforce to be more assertive, expressive, proactive and inquisitive. Multinational companies train their employees to prepare them for international assignments and interactions through language and cultural sensitization. Learning and Development teams play a very important role.

Professionals eager to expand their horizons as a trainer are looking for good train the trainer courses in Chennai that can give them a holistic perspective of facilitation skills along with preparing them to function independently as content and delivery specialists. Most of the train the trainer courses in Chennai have a very academic construct and cover many concepts in-depth, and urge learners to find projects to implement and learn from.

Ripples Learning is a highly acclaimed corporate training company that has imparted training to several corporate giants across the globe. Having obtained a wide range of industry knowledge, Ripples Learning has created a comprehensive train the trainer certification program that not only covers facilitation skills but also equips the learner with material, workbooks and handouts, facilitator guides, videos, activities and guidelines that can make the learner/trainer start training as soon as their certification is complete without any gestation period. Ripples Learning’s train the trainer courses in Chennai provide trainers and aspirants with an opportunity to attend, co-facilitate and contribute to live corporate training while in the program.

Participants have the flexibility to choose between the different options of train the trainer courses in Chennai. You can choose a weekend course or a fast track program while also choosing the depth and scope of the program that suits you. . Both training and certification is rigorous making it a highly industry validated and recognised course.

Ripples also runs train the trainer courses in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Vishakhapatnam, Dubai and Malaysia.