Irresistable Communication & Rapport


Meaning of communication is the response we get. We interpret and convey our experience through language. Leadership and influence is strongly correlated to the quality of communication and use of language. Skilled communicators use a number of effective strategies to communicate better, though these are invisible to others (and sometimes, even to them). At the workplace, ineffective management of perceptions leads to avoidable conflicts, misunderstanding and missing interpersonal rapport. An inability to witness the other person’s map of the world impacts teamwork, leadership and productivity.

This one-day interactive workshop equips participants with insights and specific techniques and strategies to enhance the quality of their communication. Participants learn advanced strategies for effective communication including how to use clean language to get unpolluted perceptions from others. They learn to cut through the ambiguity of language through the precision model. Participants also improve their ability to build rapport and influence by using metaprograms, metaphors and enriched communication.

The program uses concepts from Neuro Linguistic Programming.


Clean Language / Clean Questions
Deletion, Distortion and Generalization
Enriched Communication
Perceptual Positions
Transformational Vocabulary
Precision Model
Creating Rapport


The methodology of delivery includes

Lecture sessions
Interactive Exercises
Mind Map Exercises
Small Group Activity
Role Plays