Emotional Mastery


Our emotional experience is often a reaction to the most dominant thought rather than a proactive choice. A cynical worldview and negative beliefs contribute to us operating from either an extremely detached emotional state or an overly reactive one. At workplace, this results in an inability to manage disappointment or failure. Some of us also consistently repeat emotional patterns (anger, jealousy, depression), no matter how ineffective or self-destructive they might be.

This one-day experiential workshop equips participants with insights and specific tools to manage their emotional states. Participants learn to recognize and shift emotional states by themselves. Participants also learn how to create desired emotional states at will. For example, how to create an emotional state of congruence and confidence before an important presentation or how to create an emotional state of creativity and curiosity while designing solutions. Participants also learn how to tap into the resources of emotional experiences of the past (we have felt what we want to feel).

The program is based on understanding and intervening at the structure of experience, rather than the content of experience. It benefits from the applicable ideas based on cutting edge research on neurophysics and neurochemistry. It uses applied ideas from NLP.


Scramble Pattern
Circle of Excellence
Spatial Conditioning
Self Talk
Emotional Torrent
Collapsing Anchors


The methodology of delivery includes
Lecture sessions
Reflective Exercises
Music based Exercises
Small Group Activity
Thought Experiments