Developing Inner Power


We often externalize the reasons for not creating a life according to our proactive choices. Often, we are fully aware of the changes we need to make, but are unable to make them. Such inner conflict at a personal level impacts performance, cheerfulness and productivity at the workplace.

This transforming two-day workshop equips participants with insights and specific tools to manage their emotional states. Participants learn to identify their core values and align it to their beliefs, capabilities, purpose and environment. Participants understand the concepts of beliefs and their impact on thinking and achievement. Participants also learn the art of deliberate thinking and becoming aware of their mental strategies. Inner Time Management is also discussed

The program is an amalgamation of powerful concepts which are addressed separately in programs above. It uses applied ideas from NLP, De Bono, Neuro Associative Conditioning, Sports Psychology and Peak Performance Coaching.


Emotional State Management
o Physiology
o Self Talk
o Focus
Beliefs of Excellence
o Belief Change Cycle
Deliberate Thinking
o Pattern Interrupts
o Mental Strategies
Inner Time Management
o Resistance and Involvement
o Effortless Peak Performance


The methodology of delivery include
Lecture sessions
Reflective/Interactive Exercises
Music based Exercises
Small Group Activity
Thought Experiments