Beliefs of Excellence


Beliefs are the single most important variable that impact our ability to achieve stated and unstated outcomes. Our beliefs influence and mold our behavior. They impact decisions, actions, aspirations and achievement. Beliefs are not rational conclusions but emotionally held opinions that have been reinforced by us over time. At the workplace, rigid beliefs about people, self, performance, environment or organizations impact not only the individual but also others. Negative beliefs can result in conflict, sabotage and win-lose at the workplace.

This one-day powerful workshop allows participants to become aware of, understand, study and shift their existing beliefs. Participants are also exposed to beliefs of excellence – beliefs that have been elicited from role models of success, achievement and personal fulfillment. Participants understand circularity of belief systems and how to change a belief. Participants also learn how they can add passion to existing beliefs. Participants also learn to distinguish between beliefs as useful and harmful, rather than right or wrong.

The program is based on Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neuro Associative Conditioning.


Origin of Beliefs
Mind to Muscle Pattern
Belief Change Cycle
Doubt and Belief
Future Pacing


The methodology of delivery includes

Lecture sessions
Interactive Exercises
Music based Exercises
Small Group Activity
Thought Experiments