Deliberate Thinking


Thinking is an important skill. However, for most of us, the only tools we use are critical thinking, analysis and logic. The potential to break away from these traditional ways of thinking and arriving at new solutions by deliberate design is immense. At the workplace, traditional thinking habits result in categorization (good/bad, effective/ineffective, smart/dumb) and prevent innovation.

This one-day provocative workshop invites participants to challenge their assumptions of how they think they think and experiment with new tools of thinking. Participants learn about patterns of thinking and how they get formed (and how to break away from them). Participants also appreciate the ambiguity and deficiency of language as a medium to express or create ideas. They understand the damage categorization and analysis can inflict on a promising solution. Participants learn new tools for deliberately thinking, creating new ideas and components of designing solutions. Participants also learn how mental strategies (for analyzing, decision-making, communicating, responding etc.) get formed and how they need to be deliberately improvised or rejected.

The program is based on works of Edward DeBono on self-organizing systems and Neuro Linguistic Programming.


The Logic System
Self Organizing Systems
Patterns of Thinking
Pattern Interrupts
Mental Strategies


The methodology of delivery includes
Lecture sessions
Interactive Exercises
Reflective Exercises
Small Group Activity
Thought Experiments