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There are many functions that are common and absolutely essential across industries and we know them to be support functions like HR, Finance, Administration, Procurement, etc. However, there is one main function that is frontline and absolutely integral to every industry and business house in the world and that is Sales and Marketing.

Sales took very high momentum at about the same time as the industrial age when there were more products and services to sell. Retail sales moved from door to door selling to telephonic sales and digital marketing. From using newspaper advertisements and television for marketing promotions, businesses across the world are using popular internet websites to reach out to prospects and promote their brands/goods.

When it was a sellers’ market, it was enough to merely highlight the features of the products and services, however, in the buyers’ market it is very important to understand people, cultures, needs, lifestyles, buying patterns, preferences, etc. to be able to make a value proposition to the prospective client. The game has changed completely.

More and more professionals have realised that sales is not a simple skill that one masters with time, but it is competency that has to be developed to through understanding techniques, imbibing certain principles and developing a healthy sales conducive culture.

Mere diploma and post graduate programs with academic concepts are unable to satisfy the need for practical orientation to sales and marketing. More and more professionals, job seekers and organisations are looking for suitable sales and marketing courses to help horn selling abilities of the sales teams.

Ripples Learning is pioneer in the arena of Sales training in India. Ripples Learning has worked with direct sales teams of strong FMCGs, banking, hospitality industry players and B2B sales teams in IT/ITES, EPC and manufacturing industries. Though extensive study and research all of Ripples Sales and Marketing courses are highly practical and have proven result orientation.

Sales training programs, in many organisations, are restricted to product and process training. This encourages professionals to believe that talking incessantly about their product is what helps the selling process. Ripples’ Sales training programs help learners and professionals see how quality questions, listening, understanding of human behaviour, empathy and relationship building are prerequisites to sales and retention of clients.

Ripples’ Sales Training programs cover topics that are crucial to sales proficiency at every level and in every industry thus transcending the limitations of regular sales certification courses. Communication strategies, persuasion skills, negotiation techniques, rapport building and SPIN selling are some of the subjects that are taught through workshops and practical exercises. Customer service training is also provided to enhance the selling ability of the organisation and the individual and increase client retention. Sales and customer service, being two sides of the same coin, should be understood and learnt together.

Marketing certification courses available in India help professionals validate their skills and thereby obtain jobs and fast track their careers. Ripples learning offers marketing certification courses that are designed to suit specific industries and levels of roles performed. Ripples’ marketing certification courses use established conceptual constructs to explain practical application and implementation techniques. These programs are not just interactive but also very hands on allowing participants to get a good taste of the actual work/market environment. The program consists of innumerable simulation and real-life projects, assessments, targets and assignments.

Ripples Learning provides a variety of certification courses, workshops and training programs in the area of Sales training in India and several locations across the globe. Find out which one is best suited for you and get the edge, confidence and skills to propel your sales and marketing career to new heights.