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In the current scenario of buyers market and tough competition, most of the business organizations have realized the importance of soft skills training  for their employees and partners to provide the differential required for the growth and development of their business. Companies want professionals who are agile enough to meet the ever changing and increasing demands of the industry. When these professionals are trained on soft skills like managing time, interpersonal skills, teamwork, creative thinking, decision making, etc. they gain remarkable dexterity in dealing with different kinds of on-the-job situations.

Chennai is a south Indian metropolitan city that has managed to retain culture and an old-school charm while steadily investing in infrastructure to expand its business horizons. Almost every single industry is present in Chennai too. Being a very old natural port, Chennai has always been a business centre. However, the people and culture of the place is very different from the northern parts of the country.

Employees in Chennai are consistent and technically wise; they work hard and are capable of innovation. The other side of the coin is that people are quieter, less vocal and much less expressive. This leads to misunderstandings and misconceptions which lead to loss of business time through conflicts, delayed problem resolutions and ego tussles.

The importance of soft skills training in Chennai emanates from the fact that the world shrinking and every city is turning cosmopolitan and multi-cultural. It is simply not enough to be expert in the technical skills required for the job; soft skills complete the picture. Soft Skills training in Chennai helps bridge the gap between the quiet and shy workforce, and their intelligence, hardworking and knowledge.

Ripples Learning is a corporate training company that designs and delivers a variety of soft skills training in Chennai ranging from individual contributor level programs like email skills and time management, all the way up to MDPs, LDPs and personalized senior management coaching.

In addition to increasing productivity, enhancing skills and preparing for the future, soft skills training in Chennai also makes professionals increase their thresholds to explore new jobs, new geographies and new opportunities, thus making them more flexible and daring.

Ripples Learning provides customised soft skills training in multiple location in India and abroad. Soft skills training in Hyderabad, yet another city in south of India is similar in style and pace with that of soft skills training in Chennai. If you are an individual, you can choose any location of your choice based on the public programs’ calendar.

We have gone the extra mile to understand the similarities and differences between various industries and geographies, thereby bringing in unique and highly engaging training methodologies that break the monotony and accelerate the growth process. Following is a brief snippet about us:

Key Offerings

  • Competency development solutions
  • Personal development programmes
  • Managing entire learning cycles
  • Leadership development
  • Personalized coaching
  • Sales excellence
  • Certification programs for HR, Sales and L&D professionals