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Outbound Experiential Learning

Corporate existence brings upon us a sense of discipline and a routine that seeps into our minds through body thereby leading to exhaustion, lack of innovation, boredom, reduced engagement and an overall drop in energy and enthusiasm. It isn’t long before it starts attacking productivity.

Outbound experiential learning is a physical and fun way to learn emotional intelligence, team work, communication, decision making, critical thinking and other leadership skills. This type of learning intervention breaks all mental barriers through highly tried and tested games, activities and challenges to help participants get a fresh new perspective and energy unleashed.

The lessons learnt through experience register best in our minds. When we finish a particularly hard do-it-yourself project we learn how we plan, strategize, think and implement. The power of experiential learning lies in the fact that all the activities and games are devised to facilitate a specific understanding of self and surrounding.

Outbound Training – Experiential Learning Program

There are several outbound training companies in India and most of them have their own premises and instructors who have been in the armed forces. This model of operation posed certain limitations to the learning objectives that can be achieved. The premise only had specific options for games and activities which restricted the number of learning outcomes. Thus many started believing and still believe that outbound training is only for team building and nothing else.

Ripples learning is one of the best corporate training companies in India and it has researched and developed many new innovative training methodologies to enhance effectiveness, reduce durations and increase impact of learning.

Ripples Learning was able to break the perception that ‘outbound training is only for team building’ by using a variety of locations across the country and globe that offer games, activities, adventure sports and other sports options that will most appropriately suit the learning objectives specified.

Ripples Learning has now become one of the most unique outbound training companies in India due to its ability to create outbound learning solutions wider range of learning objectives through extensive research of activities, correlations and locations.

Some of the tailor made outbound experiential programmes conducted at locations across the country are:

**Indicative list only 

S. No.

Topics addressed

Programme components

1Leadership Development

Some of the ingredients that went into these programmes are:

Strategy games

Group activities (thoughtfully created teams)

Physical individual and group challenges

Powerful debrief

Adventure sports aligned to learning

Adrenalin raising activities


Components of military training activities


Group sharing and discussions

Camping and/or cooking

Treasure hunts

Street challenges

2Decision Making
3Ownership and Accountability
4Team Building
5Working under stress
6Leading High performance teams

Ripples Learning, being one the most modern Outbound training companies in India, works with service providers and properties  that strive to attain global standards of safety through frequent quality checks and adherence to regulatory bodies.

Our programs are highly customized and have very high impact. To know more, Write to support@rippleslearning.com  or call 08041122551, +919945451273, +919916856716, +919900047637