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Human beings are social animals. We live and thrive in societies and groups. We work in groups large and small also. While societies, groups and organisations strive to have some similarities at the ground level,  like values and common goals, these groups have to understand and accept that people are unique and come with their own set of differences. People can be differentiated based on culture, religion, socio-economic background, place of birth and upbringing, education, motivations, needs, communication styles and host of other criteria.

It is only natural that when many people with free will, varied personalities, preferences and values interact with each other, there are differences, conflicts and misunderstandings.

 Emphasis of Leadership Skills

Organizations understand the importance of diversity in thought process and styles besides skill sets. It takes all types of people playing different roles to form a good team. There is a lot of emphasis of leadership skills and hence many young professionals tend to believe that taking the lead, being heard and followed are what makes them important parts of a team.

However, it is equally important to accept another opinion when it is more apt, allow others to take the lead, listen, agree and share responsibilities. A good team building training can help bring cohesiveness in teams within organisations.

Team Building Training

There are several ways in which team building training can be done, some indoors and some outbound; team sizes depend on the kind of training found best suited for the requirement. One of the best corporate training company that provides a wide range of team building training programs to suit different learning objectives, industries and target audience, is Ripples Learning.

Types of Team Building Training Programs

Some of the types of team building training programs offered by Ripples are:




Group size


Games and activities

Reflection exercises

Inbound – classroom/conference room

17 – 21

2Adventure sports


Games and activities

Outbound – Adventure sports facility


Open grounds

20 – 40


Case studies


Real-life situations

Inbound – classroom/conference room

17 – 21

Ripples’ team building training covers competencies and behaviours like understanding team roles, accepting differences, developing positive beliefs, asking for help, collaboration, assertiveness, flexibility, conflict management, etc.

In addition to team building training, Ripples also offers time management training, leadership training, business and client communication training, performance management training, personality development training and training on several other subjects.

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