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It has been proven over time that organisations that engage, retain and develop their people to optimize productivity, tend to achieve business goals and raise the bar consistently. Human resource of the organisation is the biggest asset and that knowledge has helped us realise the importance of investing in employees to bring out the very best in them. Organisation development initiatives like assessment centres and career planning, performance management, leadership development and cultural interventions culminate in training and development.

While there is adequate appreciation for the importance of learning and development in organisations, there are always questions about what kind of training, to whom, when and most importantly, why.

Invest in ROI training

Learning is considered most effective when it translates into desired change which in turn results in achievement of business goals. Therefore organizations would like to invest in ROI training (Return on Investment) rather than in vague learning initiatives which may be very good and needed too, but cannot translate to ROI and/or cannot be linked to ROI.

 ROI Training Programs

Technical training programs and process training programs can very easily be linked to increase in productivity, reduction in errors and optimization of resources. However, linking behavioural training programs, leadership development and cultural interventions to profits is a much more difficult task. It is very important to define learning objectives, desired behaviours and their impact on business to ensure that the program becomes ROI training which is possible to measure and translate to results.

Renowned Learning and HR Solutions Company

Ripples Learning is a renowned Learning and HR solutions company that specializes in converting every learning need into a training that achieves results that can be measured. Ripples uses its own proprietary comprehensive competency framework to identify learning objectives. Be it certification programs for Human Resource professionals,  Train the Trainer programs for Learning and Development professionals, Sales and Marketing courses, project based account management or behavioural and leadership development programs, Ripples Learning  collaborates with clients to arrive at practical and observable behaviours that learners are expected to use and internalize as a result of the training program. At the end of the program, learners log onto ResultsLab, a proprietory tool used to measure training effectiveness at the level of behavioural change.

Crystal clear inputs can be obtained by using ResultsLab and ROI training conducted can be justified using the reports generated. Clients also get valuable insights on training strategy, learners, culture, leadership and morale of the employees. Thus ResultsLab is a valuable tool that resolves the problem of measuring training effectiveness and helps convert all learning initiatives into ROI training.

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