How To Make Your Presentation Spectacular/Outstanding

How to make your presentation spectacular/outstanding

How To Make Your Presentation Spectacular/Outstanding

An effective presentation is the key to success of any new idea, project, design or product for it being accepted or appreciated by the audience. A research paper presented in an international conference will lose its sheen, if it is not done in a meticulous way. Here are given some tips for making your presentation skill spectacular or outstanding.

In The Days Before You Present

Planning & Preparing for presentation
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  1. Plan
  2. Assess the participants or audience, and their size, background
  3. Check the logistics
  4. Practice, practice and practice. Also, practice.
  5. Prepare well in advance
  6. Visualize that you will succeed
  7. Sleep well in the night before presentation
  8. Study successful presentations and incorporate clues from them
  9. Take help of mentors

On The Day Of You Present

Day of Presentation
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  1. Check room and equipment
  2. Anticipate negativity
  3. Give yourself positive affirmations
  4. Exercise
  5. Have a small meal

Just Before You Present

Just before your presentation
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  1. Practice deep breathing exercises
  2. Engage in enjoyable discussion
  3. Greet people
  4. Start on time
  5. Eliminate physical barriers, do not stand behind a podium or a char
  6. Know people’s names
  7. Allow for request time needed

During Your Presentation

During presentation
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  1. Establish voice and eye contact with audience
  2. Pause to breathe
  3. Trust your intuitive feelings
  4. Take a sip of water
  5. Establish credibility about why you are the right person to talk about this topic
  6. Establish an emotional connect with your audience
  7. Ensure you are presenting your information in a logical and structured manner
  8. Pay attention to your body and also look at your audience's body language
  9. Do not fidget while delivering your presentation
  10. End early
  11. Conclude distinctly
  12. Smile and say thanks in the end

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