What Do You Know about Micro Learning And Its Different Aspects ?

The answers to the question, What do you know about micro learning and its different aspects ?, are the most important facets in the learning and development field of HR.

What Do You Know about Micro Learning And Its Different Aspects ?

The answers to the question, What do you know about micro learning and its different aspects ?, are the most important facets in the learning and development field of HR.

Though, micro learning has brought revolution in delivery of content in an expeditious manner. Yet ,we must note that this has been possible mainly, due to evolution of precise, crisp and bite sized nuggets . Technology advancement has also played a role in it.

On one hand , we have made an effort , in this blog, to show how micro learning has several advantages. On the other hand , we have also discussed the methodology of developing its objects. Methodology of developing products of micro learning is very important.

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1.0 What is micro learning ?

Micro learning is a learning intervention, which, we present as a short and focused nuggets of content.

It has the following distinct characteristics.

-Presents as much content as required for learners , to achieve a specific learning objective.
– Contains bite sized information.
– Solves learning problems which plague present day work force.
– Refers to any pedagogy ,that encourages short segments , and we may support it , through many platforms, including social media.

2.0 Benefits of micro learning

Micro learning is providing many benefits to the learners.

We list them, here, as below.

  • Enhances the engagement of the learners.
  • Retention of the concepts stays with the learners , for a much longer time.
  • Creates learning environment in a much faster way.
  • Immensely useful for the organizations, as a whole. This is because ,it helps in developing new skills and implementing the same.
  • Triggers behavioral changes, as the new skills may be learnt any time, anywhere.
  • Learning is immediate and transformational, as the process is learner -centric .
  • It is always accessible to the students. This is because their personalized mobile devices are always available with them along with internet.

3.0 How to develop micro learning products

3.1 Approach

We focus on the following, while developing micro learning products.

  • Purpose of the product
  • Content area of the product
  • Delivery schedule
  • Integration with the learning objectives

Also, we should always aim at the following, with respect to maintaining the quality of these products.

  • Make effort to understand the audience and their requirements.
  • Focus on keeping it brief and precise.
  • Include gamification.
  • Provide the mechanism for assessment of learners, through short quizzes and multiple questions etc.
  • The product must be visually appealing.
  • Avoid giving excessive information.
  • Be informal.
  • Avoid adding too many images and videos etc, for the sake of adding.
  • Notwithstanding the above suggestions, we must Continue to adhere to the topmost agenda of maintaining quality. Thus, the learning objectives are met.

3.2 Different tools used to develop the products and the resultant objects therein

We have described in brief as above, about the approach, we should adopt,to develop the products or objects of micro learning.

Now we will briefly mention here, what are the products and which tools we may use, to prepare them.

Micro Learning- tools

4.0 How micro learning is helping new age learners

We have to provide to new age learners , new knowledge and skill in the least possible time, with good efficiency and complete clarity.

The delivery of bite sized content is the key to the above. It ensures that chunk of information is rewritten, reedited and prepared in small sizes .

Also, in that way , it helps us to provide the concrete and specific information to the readers. This helps in meeting and enhancing learning objectives.

The other characteristics of these bite sized nuggets are that they are easy to search and are immediately applicable.

4.1 The beauty of mobile access of micro learning

Personalized mobile phones available with each and every one, is proving to be a boon to micro learning.

However, The bite sized nuggets will cease to be beneficial and effective, if they are not focused , crisp and to the point.

They should also be capable of making the learning facilitation happen , anytime and anywhere.

4.2 How videos are useful in micro learning

Video is the most important medium to deliver a content in the modern day world.. It is proving to be a great learning and skill redefining platform, in a definite format. The students around the whole world , are immensely preferring it .

We must not forget the scientific fact that our brains process videos faster than the normal text. This reduces the gap between seeing an information and understanding it. Other benefits of videos are:

  • Superior engagement of the learner.
  • Capable of imparting learning immediately through mobile platform available with students.
  • Creation and implementation do not have much complex issues.

5.0 Enhancing the efficacy through video conferencing tools

Large number of video conferencing tools are in wide use, by people around the world. These are:

  • Face time
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Zoho Meeting
  • Google Meet.

Amid stiff competitive environment, companies are supplementing their efforts and adding new features, for the convenience of users. Each day some new innovation is evolving in this field.

However, we must look into the ease of operation , security concerns, the economics and other vital aspects, before choosing the most appropriate one for us.

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