7 Steps to Change Yourself to Succeed in Life

“Changing yourself to succeed in life” is an extremely essential capability, which may really work wonders in living a fulfilling life.

7 Steps to Change Yourself to Succeed in Life

“Changing yourself to succeed in life” is an extremely essential capability, which may really work wonders in living a fulfilling life.

Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi, also known as “Mahatma Gandhi” once said“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

On the other hand,Leo Tolstoy, the Russian philosopher and writer told “Every one thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”.

1. Definition of change

Let us now define the change

Change yourself

The Webster dictionary (www.merrian-webster.com) defines the change (verb) as given below. We have furnished here only few definitions..

– To make different in some context : Alter

– To create radically different : Transform

– To replace with another : Substitute

– To affect a shift from one to another : Switch

Webster dictionary defines the change (noun), as given below.

– The act, process or result of changing such as alteration, transformation, substitution.

2. Definition of “Succeed

The Cambridge dictionary (dicitionary.cambridge.org) defines the succeed (verb) as “ To achieve something”. We further define it as below.

– If you succeed, you achieve something that you have been aiming for, and if a plan or piece of work succeeds, it has the results that you wanted.

This definition is very apt with respect to the title of the present blog.

3. Definition of Life

As per quora.com, life is the aspect of existence that processes, acts , reacts, evaluates and evolves through growth (through reproduction and metabolism). Some other aspects related to life, as mentioned in quora.com, are:

– Life is anything that grows and eventually dies.

– Life forms use energy for physical and conscience development.

– Life without an ideal and purpose imposed upon it, is meaningless.

Life as per “Hindu Philosophy”

The Hindus firmly believe that we get life as human beings after going through a series of birth as creatures, birds and animals. Human beings have the highest level of consciousness. They have advanced 5 sense of touching, smelling, hearing, tasting and seeing. As per Hindu philosophy, the human life should be devoted to four aspects. These are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

Dharma means, we should act virtuously and righteously. It also means to fulfill our obligations or debts towards Gods ( Dev Rin) , Parents(Pitri in), Guests ( Atithi Rin), Teachers ( guru rin ) and Society (Samaj rin).

Artha means we should create wealth through moral and legal means and try to be prosperous. As per Hindu philosophy, the wealth is not for enjoying personally, it should be used for well being of other human beings, society and nation.

Kama means fulfillment of worldly desires, of course under self pertinence.

On the other hand,Moksha means the ultimate salvation from births and re-births and then, the enlightenment. This fourth purposes of life as per ancient Indian philosophy is the most difficult one ,and may be achieved though penance and abstinence only.

4. Why such an extensive discussion on “change”, “ Success” and “life”

We should understand, here, that “change” “success” and “life” were discussed in detail, in the preceding sections , as it will help in better understanding of this blog.

Arth (wealth ) and Kama (fulfillment of worldly desires) are the two important aims of human life. This is nothing but success, which we try to achieve in our life. That is also the ultimate aim of this blog.

The blog entails, how changing yourself may help you in succeeding in life. This is nothing, but attainment of “Artha (wealth )” and “kama (fulfillment of worldly desires )” , as per ancient Indian Philosophy.

5. Seven steps to change yourself to succeed in life

change yourself
Photographer: Allie Smith | Source: Unsplash

“Change” used to be an alternative earlier ,but now it is a dire necessity.

It is common knowledge that individuals, teams and organizations must change in modern day world, in order to survive.

They must tune in themselves to the continuous changing scenarios in the world. They may perish if they are not able to do it.

As far as individuals are concerned, they want to change. However, they are not able to do it on a sustained basis. Net result is that they are not able to realize their dreams.

We should also bear it in mind that unless we try to change ourselves in the different domains of health, education, career, finance, family and relationships, we may not be truly a successful person.

We have tried to evolve seven steps, which may help you to change to succeed in life.

I. Identify what changes are required in you and why?

In order to know this , ask the following questions to yourself.

· Are you satisfied with what you are doing?

· How will you rate yourself, in the last one year, pertaining to your performance in matters of health, family, relationships, education, career and finance?

· What “new skill”, you could learn in the last one year?

· What specific thing you have done to improve your own life, in the last one year?

· What have you done to mature relationships with the people, you love, in the last one year?

· How do you rate yourself with respect to your performance at work place?

.Are you satisfied with what you are doing?

Answer to these six questions and deep contemplation on them, will help you to identify the changes required in yourself to succeed in life.

II. Prioritize the change

Change yourself
Image by Bev from Pixabay

You should try to identify the domain of your life, which needs be tackled on urgent basis.

Once you have done this , you should now prioritize, which change is the most important one in that domain.

III. Overcome the fear associated with change now

Change is a difficult process. It is always associated with fear, which is quite natural.

However, fear in initiating change may be overcome by the following ways.

· Prepare yourself mentally for change.

· Get out of your comfort zone.

Remember life is not bed of roses. It is may, on the other hand, prove to be a “crown of thorns”. Put yourself even to inconvenience to initiate change.

· Believe firmly that failure is the first step towards success.

· Remember the proverb “change or perish”

· Even if the extent of success is too little, try to enjoy it. Rather, you should celebrate it.

· Share your mental agony of resistance to change in you, with your loved ones.

· Remain positive through out, during the process of initiating change.

· Continuously review and re-visit your strategy of change.

IV. Tread slowly to bring changes

Be cautious to initiate changes at a slow pace. Life long habits of doing things may not be changed over-night.

The best way to achieve change is given below:

· Divide the change into small components.

· Bring small incremental changes, one after another, by initiating attempts for each small component.

· Finish all small components.

Thus, you will be able to bring that desired change.

V. Prepare for the next change

Photographer: Olesya Grichina | Source: Unsplash

Once you gain confidence that you are on right track, with respect to the most important change as above, be sure, you have almost done it.

Now it is time to identify the next change and initiate attempts for the same.

We must note here, that these changes must be extrinsically enshrined in your persona. Otherwise, the change may not last long.

VI. Equip yourself with good habits

For this to happen, you should prepare a vision statement of adopting good habits and doing away with bad ones.

Each one of us, knows pretty well, what are these good and bad habits. If you are not aware of your bad habits, ask others. Consult your friends, dear ones for this.

Don’t be shy to take their opinion.

VII. Be kind to yourself

Now, the process of bringing desired changes in you has started.

However, in due course you may realize that results are not commensurate in proportion to your efforts.

If this is the case, don’t get disappointed. Take a fresh look on several things and initiate the process once again.

Be kind to yourself. Don’t think that failure is destined in your case. Remain positive. Take things in their stride, and don’t abandon your efforts.

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