Leading Teams Virtually-Remote Leadership and Management

Leading teams virtually, remote leadership and management have emerged as key issues in the post-corona world.

Leading Teams Virtually-Remote Leadership and Management

Leading teams virtually, remote leadership and management have emerged as key issues in the post-corona world. Successfully leading and managing teams from a remote location is going to be a key differentiator for organisations to succeed.  🙆‍♂️

The surge of the Corona virus has made an impact on the way people work(remotely). For many organisations, these changes are new, not-optional and the leadership and team-work dimension of this new scenario is still evolving.

Also, while many organisations might not be strangers to working remotely, the emotions and feelings are different at this point in time. 

In this blog we discuss the qualities, aspects and techniques of a remote leader and discuss the mobile devices and apps that can be used by a remote team to achieve the desired goals.

We discuss issues faced by leaders and employees, when leading and working in a remote team.  We look at solutions to these problems.

Leading Teams Virtually, How is Remote Leadership and Management, different from in-house ?

Remote Leadership
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The corona virus pandemic has confined people to their homes. Making work remote.

The situation may not be entirely dreadful considering, technology is not alien to most. 

However, the role of the manager has also changed and in-house techniques of leadership and management, may have consequences, if not updated, to incorporate remote methodologies of working.

As more people work away from a typical office setting, the manager's job is also evolving.

How do you effectively manage people you almost never seen face-to-face?

How do you adapt?  

Remote leadership is more than just connecting with teams on a mobile phone, webcam or laptop.

Considering the vastness, diversity or complexity of teams, it becomes imperative for remote managers to connect with their team members individually and on a regular basis.

 In fact, remote managers may find on not connecting regularly with their teams, this can lead to dire consequences.

 It may soon become evident that most teams or individual members may not be performing up to mark, where there is a lack of connectivity between remote leaders, individuals or teams.

However, there is a strong positive correlation, when teams are connected regardless of where they are located.

Leading Teams Virtually, A Remote Leadership and Management Role

Connecting with Teams
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The role of a leader, changes drastically, when the leadership role is remote.

The role of a remote leader can be lonely. Thus, engaging frequently with team members, may assist the employee and the remote leader.

Here are a few tips for remote leaders to excel in creating a dynamic team.


  1. Connect with Webcam on laptops and mobile devices. This gives the team a feeling of connection.
  2. Send and receive messages with the assistance of apps such as: Telegram, Whats App etc.
  3. Make it a habit to get in touch with individuals, teams with just a friendly “how are you doing?” 😀😀
  4. Build models and processes that assist in making teams more efficient.
  5. Promote team activities more often. Make it fun and enjoyable.
  6. Wellness programs to soothe the mind, body and soul, will be very essential, as the job is isolated and reasons for depression should not be allowed to dampen the team.
  7. Give timely feedback and ask for feedback.
  8. Set goals where possible.
  9. Coach, individuals and teams. 

Thus, the role of a remote leader is different from an in-house leadership role.


Remote leadership can be hard work. However, remote leaders that maintain transparency and fluidity within their teams, may find their teams will excel despite any discrepancies they may come across within their teams.

Good Luck👌

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