What are the benefits of organizing personality development training sessions?

Benefits of personality development training

Do you have a business conference or an annual company meeting and are thinking of ways to make it more engaging for your participants? Organizing sessions on personality development and self-awareness would be one of the most effective ways to make your event a success. Personality development trainers help participants shape their personalities by helping … Continue reading “What are the benefits of organizing personality development training sessions?”

Make Teamwork Work

Make Teamwork Work

At the heart of the cliche of Teamwork, lies a powerful truth. After the Second World War, Japan was defeated and humiliated; two of their cities razed by powerful atom bombs. It was a country you probably wouldn’t bet your money on in 1950. Yet, Japan rose from the ashes. In the decades following World … Continue reading “Make Teamwork Work”

Successful Behavioral Interview at an IT Major

Industry: Computer Software & Services Business Issues Low quality of Manpower Conflict between Recruitment & Operations Recruiters not willing to be accountable for their decisions Productivity Cause Identified Recruiters not confident of their hiring decisions Recruiters do not understand  the hiring criteria clearly Recruiters need to improve on their skill of interviewing to generate more … Continue reading “Successful Behavioral Interview at an IT Major”