Tips to deal with change


Change is the name of the game in today’s corporate arena. And that too at a pace that has never been seen before! Structure of every firm is changing, Technology they use is changing, Expectation of every employee is changing, And even the basic infrastructure is changing. Are you ready? Are your people ready to … Continue reading “Tips to deal with change”

Soft skills you must have

Soft skills

I don’t care which field you belong to, be it software development, space research, or machine design; certain soft skills are a must in today’s times.  You might even be an expert of your stated field but you also need to display these skills that are definitely essential. If you belong to the coastal city … Continue reading “Soft skills you must have”

Individual contributor to first time leader – It’s different

Corporate Training Programs

An employee, when performs well, becomes a manager – a first time manager! And with that arrive the challenges faced by leaders of an organization. All people at such positions of leadership, including the first time managers, must be able to portray primary leadership skills of decision making and problem solving. Why corporate training programs … Continue reading “Individual contributor to first time leader – It’s different”

Positive Psychology – Basics and usefulness


Positive Psychology is a term that has been talked of quite often during recent times, especially after its founding father, Dr. Martin Seligman, published his paper in late 90s. Seligman defined Positive Psychology as “…the scientific study of positive human functioning and flourishing on multiple levels that include the biological, relational, institutional, cultural and global … Continue reading “Positive Psychology – Basics and usefulness”