Check these when hiring a soft skills training company

hiring a soft skills training company

So you want to hire a soft skills training provider for delivering soft skills training in your organization. I believe it’s usually a daunting task as there is a lot at stake. Still, you sure have to do it as that’s your job! I understand.

However, before doing that, are you sure that training is the solution for your problem? And more specifically, a soft skills training? Again, which soft skill are we talking about? Very often, soft skills means companies just search for a communication skills training, without proper understanding of the problem. Researches show that they look at symptoms and start finding solution without going root cause analysis. They see the problem at a superficial level and hire a soft skills consultant to solve it. The soft skills training companies might be anywhere in Chennai, Bangalore or any other locations, but often, they too go out to cure your symptoms as they are making money. Nevertheless, more often than not, it doesn’t lead to the expected outcome. Is this same situation true for you?

Hence, even before choosing the consulting firm you should conduct a needs analysis. There are numerous soft skills training companies and consulting firms that offer needs analysis along with the delivery as part of their offering. Then have a proper discussion with the trainer to understand if this step would deliver result you are expecting.

Objectives and content of training


Talk to the trainer about the objectives of the training session. Reflect and finalize whether everything is as per your expectations or not. See if those objectives would fulfill your need or not. When it comes to the content of the session just see what is to be used for the session – whether it is done by somebody who has good experience into the training events or done by a subject matter expert.

The fees


Another of the most significant aspect is the fees of the training provider. It varies depending on the training firm as each firm has its own rates. And it also varies with the trainer who will be conducting the session. But there would be a standard market value in your location. Make sure that you choose the right soft skills training company who will not rob you of all your corporate revenue. Same organization might charge you differently for different trainers depending on their qualifications and demand in the market. So, watch out for that too.



 I think this is another significant checklist item to check when it comes to hiring a training organization – what kinds of evaluation do they ensure? Do they limit to L1 level? L2 level? Or also go for L3 and L4 levels of evaluation? Again, what kind of evaluation result do they guarantee? Good training firms will definitely be confident of their delivery and ensure certain level of outcome. If they don’t, run away from them!



Many organizations offer some discounts on their original fees depending on the evaluation results. And I think you should also find this out for yourself.  Are you supposed to pay the full amount if the training event is not as expected?

Delivery dates

Delivery dates

 Ensure that you get this on paper. Else it might cause differences later on. What is/are the date/s when the program will be held? This could actually be a way to understand the value of the company as a good training firm might not be able to commit for all the same dates you want – at least not within a short span of time.

These are major points I could recall and put up here. Soft skills training can be delivered by hiring one of the many training companies in Chennai. There also are freelance trainers if that suits you. But make sure that you do a check of all the above items before hiring the entity for any kind of soft skills training.

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