Three important points to remember for an effective presentation

The blogpost is about three important points to be kept in mind to give an effective presentation

Three important points to remember for an effective presentation

Talking to a group is not an easy task. Knowing where to focus , how to connect to each of the group member is always tricky.Group presentation is all about owning the space and being connected to your audience.

In this blog post we will discuss about three important points required for an effective group presentation.

Impact of Eye Contact in Group Presentation

Eye contact acts as the first and foremost connection between you and your audience.It makes them feel involved. Usually, the tendency is to either look at that one person who is friendly to you or the person in authority. In both the cases, you end up giving the presentation to one person rather than the group. It's a good practice to involve the audience in your conversation though eye contact. It's not like looking at each person but having a defused eye projection which is looking beyond people's head.

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Your focus is where your eyes are! Photographer: Paul Skorupskas | Source: Unsplash


Your voice is another connecting node which helps your audience to get involved. The first thing you need to ensure is you are audible, loud and clear to the people in the last row. Voice also reflects the energy and the passion you have for the subject you are talking about. Silence can be deadly in presentations. So silence /pause should have a purpose. Use your tone pitch to highlight important points.

Use voice to capture attention. Photographer: Matt Botsford | Source: Unsplash

Movement should have a purpose

The biggest secret of being on stage is your body is on stage. Your hands, your feet, your eyes everything is right on stage. People can witness every single move. So you need to keep in mind the most important thing, which is , 'movement should have a purpose.' The most common without-purpose movement is shuffling. Shifting the weight from one leg to other, some continuous movement of hand. You can walk as long as you have a purpose. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and not make any movement unless until it's required.

Movement should have a purpose. Photographer: Eutah Mizushima | Source: Unsplash

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