Effective Email Communication- 5 Basic Tips

Effective Email Communication- 5 Basic Tips

Email communication has become a major part of our work life. Starting from sharing a piece of normal information to final decisions on a big deal, emails have become the primary medium of communication. Keeping this in mind, effective email communication has become a dire necessity. Below are given 5 basic tips for effective email communication.

1. Understand the language of your organization

Email communication is not limited to writing the email alone. Every organization has a style of it's own, as per which the communication is facilitated. It is very important to understand how and what is the language/style/ tonality that is been used by the leaders of the company. The language used in the communication must be in harmony with the vision of the organization. For example, if your company talks about customer satisfaction as of high priority, then responding to the customer on time, taking their feedback and working on it, keeping them in the loop for the progress is very important.

2. Purpose of the email communication

It is very important to know why you are writing the email message in the first place. The purpose decides the audience, the context and the structure of the email. The following questions will help you in setting the context right.

  1. Why am I writing the email?
  2. What do I want to convey?
  3. How do I want the person to respond?
  4. Do I want a response timeline?

The above questions will help in setting the context and putting a clear-cut structure to the email communication.

3. Structuring your email

Structuring the email is one of the most crucial parts of the email communication. A well-defined structure acts as a navigation tool for the reader to reach the destination you want. Have you ever tried the navigation tools? It is simple and precise to the point. It gives you clear-cut instructions for the next steps. Your email must do the same task. So have a simple, clear-cut direction for the reader to follow and understand what you are trying to convey.

Structure of email communication

4. Set the Subject Line

Most people ignore the impact of a subject line in an email. Whereas subject lines are like the book title which gives you an overall idea on what the book is all about. The idea is to give a basic understanding of what you are trying to convey. Not too much to give the story out and not too less to make your reader wonder what it is all about. And there you go, create an interest in the reader’s mind to go through the mail.

5. Review:

Once you have drafted the email, cross-check the spelling. You can also use grammar check tools which are available for free to make your writing more effective. The other thing that you need to review is the appropriate answers furnished to the questions given in the "Purpose of writing the mail."

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