Eighteen Do’s For Effective Speaking

A list of Do’s which will help the speaker to deliver an effective speech.

Eighteen Do’s For Effective Speaking

Effective speaking is an important communication skill to influence your audience. Please read my earlier blogs, “Ten Secrets of really great speaker that you can instantly start using” and also “Six Public Speaking Tips you need to learn now”.

Here is given a list of eighteen “DO’S” for an effective speaking

  1. Get yourself properly dressed
  2. Dress as the group does
  3. Look like an expert
  4. Get your back to wall or curtain
  5. Be yourself
  6. Prepare your talk point-wise
  7. Have a pleasant facial expression. Smile.
  8. Talk louder to make sure you are audible. Project your voice.
  9. Keep eye contact
  10. Face the audience
  11. Maintain an appropriate standing posture
  • Stand still
  • Stand erect
  • Stand slightly on your toes
  • Lean forward a bit

12. Leave your spectacles on or off – but don't keep fidgeting with them

13. Use a variety of gestures

14. Tell them what you are going to tell them

15. Then tell them

16. Also end by telling them, what you have just told them

17. Get a good ending and leave them with an impact

18. Finish before you are expected to

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