8 Tips to Improve Your Overall Personal Effectiveness for Excelling in Selling

Overall personal effectiveness is one of the topmost traits required in selling activities of any type.

8 Tips to Improve Your Overall Personal Effectiveness for Excelling in Selling

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Overall personal effectiveness may be defined as the integrating and synergizing all the resources (both personal and professional)available with an individual to achieve excellent results. Individual resources may be your talent, strength, skills, energy and time. Professional resources may be the organisational set up, your team members, the existing knowledge available at the workplace, where you are working.

In today’s cut-throat competitive world, selling is an activity fraught with numerous challenges, and risks. However, keeping all other constraints at bay, it is the overall personal effectiveness, which may ultimately decide the success or failure of selling activities.

Below are given 8 tips to enhance your overall personal effectiveness in selling your ideas, projects, products or plan to customer.

1.Setting high personal standards for sales results

Set high personal standard may encompass accepting personal responsibility for sales results. Evolution of a winner's mind set in yourself and your team is another trait which must be aimed at.

2.Learn from the attributes of outstanding sales achievers

Learning, learning and learning continuously is the key to achieving success in life, and sales is no exception. For this, the attributes of outstanding sales achievers must be discussed and emulated. The other aspect is that you should commit to achieve peak performance and practise sales excellence by taking hint from the outstanding sales achievers.

3.Prepare your performance evaluation sheet

Personal effectiveness- performance evaluation sheet
tivenesPhotographer: William Iven | Source: Unsplash

SMART goals for sales results must be developed by aligning sales activities with sales goals and objectives. This in turn, should be embedded in your personal performance evaluation sheet.

4.Evolve a sales activities monitoring sheet to track sales efforts

It will be prudent to break down goals and targets of sales into monthly, weekly and daily targets. Self-correction and adjustments based on personal judgement should be key to this.

5.Continuously monitor the level of self-discipline

Once you monitor your own self-discipline, it may help you in preparation of a sales improvement plan, based on the experiences you have gained.

6.Aim at continuous self-improvement for personal effectiveness

Efforts in continuous self-improvement may enable you in achieving a sustained sales performance. Small and or major pit falls experienced during sales campaign may help you in developing an intrinsic trait for self-improvement.

7. Assess and monitor your personal efficiency for sales

Personal efficiency in the domain of sales may be enhanced by the following:

  • Prioritising the sales activities.
  • Resorting to time management.
  • Synchronizing your multiple priorities, so that they do not prove to be constraints.

8. Develop peak productivity habits for sales

Peak productivity habits may be made a way of life for outstanding sales results. This in turn may help you in doing away with procrastination, sustain energy, and organize the activities in a coherent way and building the skill. The skill thus developed, may be an asset for future work.

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