Measuring Behavioral Change and Training Effectiveness with ResultsLab

Measuring training effectiveness and behavioral change is the holy grail of L&D. Crucial for all L&D professionals, there is no way to do it. Or, is there?

The measure of learning is not retention, but action

The Hard Problem of Training

As your training spend piles up, you find it increasingly difficult to justify it. Your employees attend the training programs, even give good reviews – but you just do not see the change in the workplace.

This seems like the hard problem of training. You look for solutions online, talk to experts, maybe even read books or research papers. You give up. It seems nobody has a solution.

Most common solutions to measure training effectiveness and behavioral change usually involve doing focus groups, in-depth interviews or surveys that are even more costly than the training program.

You conclude:

Training effectiveness cannot be measured for behavior.

Or can it i?

What if there was a solution so simple that it took only minutes to implement, but allowed you to visualize the results of your training programs. A solution that fired up participants of a training to not just retain the learning, but also apply them at the job. A solution that would let you know the impact of a training program you invested in. A solution that increased accountability of learners and at the same time it was scalable, social and the results were available to all stakeholders.

What if this solution also doubled up as an invaluable coaching tool for your managers? Something that allowed them to distill their requirements from their team members into specific behaviors which could then be tracked and further coaching provided.

What if the same tool could also be used for competency validation, capturing values being actioned at work and even tracking employee behavior after performance reviews?

To those of you who have truly struggled with the problem of measuring training effectiveness and changing/ employee behavior at work, this solution will seem like something you have been waiting for a very long time.

Worried about measuring Training Effectiveness?

Meet ResultsLab.

Here is a down-low on what each of the stakeholders in a change intervention get as a result of well… ResultsLab.

For Employees / Training Participants

  • A system that captures all unique insights from a program
  • A powerful follow-through system
  • A mechanism to connect with mentors after the program

For Trainers / Facilitators

  • A platform to connect with participants after the program is over
  • Ability to see how the training is being applied and offer suggestions / coaching
  • Understand and analyze training success idea-wise and participant-wise

For Training Managers

  • Analyze how training programs are being applied
  • Analyze effective vs ineffective programs in terms of application outcomes
  • Prove effectiveness of training through real-time stories and analytics
  • Gather stories of change
  • Analyze training impact with respect to training spend

For Line Managers

  • Review what their team-members have learned in the training program
  • Ability to see how the training is being applied and offer suggestions / coaching
  • Analyze training impact on the actual business scenario

ResultsLab is our favorite tool to measure Training Impact because it delivers information about behavioral change or Kirkpatrick level 3 change. It is the only tool which we are aware of which does so. Explore more at the ResultsLab website.

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