Individual contributor to first time leader – It’s different

Corporate Training Programs

An employee, when performs well, becomes a manager – a first time manager! And with that arrive the challenges faced by leaders of an organization. All people at such positions of leadership, including the first time managers, must be able to portray primary leadership skills of decision making and problem solving.

Why corporate training programs

Yes, first time leaders in all organizations face many challenges and challenging situations. They are usually in direct contact with the entry level customer-facing employees dealing with unseen situations. And, although they themselves might have been through such unique problem situations they might not have taken hand-holded someone yet. They were quite good at doing it all by themselves and probably those repeated star performances of the past brought them this leadership position. But now they need to portray a good number of completely unique skills. Such employees must be taken through corporate training programs in Bangalore or in any location where they get trained on behavioural skills essential for their new position.

In fact, becoming a first time leader could even take a toll upon the person if not handled properly. And the truth is that just because an employee was a star employee doesn’t guarantee that they would turn out to be a star manager as well. Nor does it mean that they are born leaders. Often, such misconceptions are brought to an end the moment the individual holds their position.  Remember the time when the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, became the captain of Indian cricket team? He ruined his own individual batting statistics and finally chose to walk away from the position, after which, he was actually able to regain his performance level.

As these first time leaders have to take a team forward, another skill expected of them is clarity of objectives. They must be absolutely clear about what needs to be done so that they are able to drive the whole team towards the goal.

Prioritizing is another significant competency as these leaders have to change their orientation from being an individual contributor to being a leader. They must not get completely involved in doing things for their team but getting it done from the employees.

Hire a corporate training provider

Also, the front line managers are in direct contact with the management as well as the entry level employees. They are the ones responsible for implementing management decisions that are being made at the top. So an ability to persuade people towards the decisions is another important competency to be displayed by all first time managers.

As already said, while these skills are not something the first time managers would always portray as individual contributors, organizations in Bangalore can choose to hire a corporate training provider in the same location that would customize and deliver a session specifically for that particular organization. Or they can even watch out for a general corporate training happening somewhere that could hone those managers on the competencies expected out of their role.

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