Training initiatives – A must for every firm.

Training initiatives

Training and development activities are not just useful and important for an organization. They are an indispensable part of every firm.

Let’s say your company plans to up the profit and grow faster this year, what will it need along with ROI training? Skill enhancement!

Another time let’s say you hired good people who are making fifty sales while their target was seventy. There’s a gap that needs to be filled.

Although both appear to be similar, when paid attention, they are not the same. Skill enhancement is more futuristic while filling a skill gap is largely about addressing current needs.

However, whatever the case, both types of needs would require regular training. This presents an amazing opportunity to your company, to enable a positive change in the knowledge, skills and attitude of the people within. Communication training and team building training are some of the avenues that bring in the required change. After this positive change there would be no looking back, but only a road that leads forward.

Some logistical challenges can be counted on finger tips like employees attending the training lose work time leading to a delay in the completion of projects. Also, a few employers find this activity expensive and don’t get involved. Nevertheless, an intelligent training investment always pays in more ways than one, and the organization can enjoy much more than what they invested for.

A few of the many positive impacts of training and development activities are:

Satisfaction and loyalty:

Satisfaction and loyalty

Every individual wants to grow and become better. When a company helps employees grow, they feel valued. Training gives them an opportunity to learn about aspects or fields they would have never heard of thus increasing their curiosity and interest. Communication Training also enables employees to know each other better, in turn creating a stronger and supportive workplace. Such employees are likely to have greater satisfaction and demonstrate greater loyalty towards their organization.

Better quality standards leading to higher productivity:

When employees have gone through some customer service trainings, they make fewer mistakes, are able to meet the quality standards expected and are able to produce more products in the same span of time.

Higher profits

Higher profits

Since employees make fewer mistakes there also is lesser wastage of raw material and other resources, and when less resources get wasted there is lesser investment on such items for production. This means there is a lower cost involved, which eventually implies that the firm will deliver higher profit.

Reduced attrition

Reduced attrition

Attrition happens to be one of the biggest problems of every industry. Every employee is on the look-out for the next opportunity even before s/he steps into the current organization. When employees receive team building trainings, and are able to see their own development happening in the current company alongside their colleagues, they are likely to stay on with the company for a longer period .

Increased brand value

Increased brand value

Good or bad, employees do speak of their experiences within the organization and the outside world gets to know of the company, which in turn, impacts the reputation of the organization. Whenever potential employees would hear of your name they will connect to the reputation your company holds and will decide about whether or not to join your company.

There are many types of training being imparted through various means in this digital era. This creates several opportunities for selecting and conducting training programmes leaving companies with an array of good options to choose from.

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